Calendars that Catch the Eye

Your business, club or not for profit has a chance to make a real impact once a year. It’s brand-reinforcement advertising that stays all year; but only if it’s good enough. Calendars that use cheap stock photography that has little to do with your organisation’s real image will devalue you in the eyes of your customers and others who see the calendars. These cheap calendars can do more harm than good! If however you have customer photographed images that really connect with your demographic, they’ll be the ones most likely to get on the wall whilst the others go in the bin!

So you’re faced with the questions:

  1. Do you want a year long marketing tool that you can give to customers?
  2. Do you want to ensure the imagery connects with your customers well, reinforcing your value?
  3. Do you want your calendar to stand out from the crowd, giving it the best chance of being appreciated on the wall instead of landing in the bin?

If you want to do a calendar well, call me on 0423 311 839.