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Welcome to my Pet Photography services. I call my pet photography service ‘Four Foot Fotos’.  Whilst I run all my blogging and competitions here on my main Steve Barnes Photography web site, the main information web site for Four Foot Fotos is at

Before you decide you read some of my blog or see the competitions on this site, or jump over to; let me say how much I love pet photography! I mostly photograph dogs, but shoot cats too.  It’s such a pleasure to see the smiles on the owners faces when they see the processed images for the first time at the ‘Artwork Selection Session’ where they choose what they want printed. 

So you’ll see dogs galore in the competitions, on my social media pages and in my gallery; but I do get asked about cats! 

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  • Pet Photography
  • Pet Photography

‘YES’! I enjoy getting lovely photographs of our feline friends.

Photographing Cats takes a Different Approach to Dogs

Photographing cats is essentially more difficult than photographing most dogs, but it can be really satisfying. It’s actually very different to dog photography. It requires a very different approach. If you’ve tried to photograph your cat yourself, how probably aware just how difficult it is to get good shots. Many people find it difficult to get them in focus or to get a nicely composed picture.

What do I do to photograph your Cat?

There are things I do to relax cats so they aren’t distracted and ‘scatty’. There are other things I do to get their attention and lock onto their beautiful eyes. When I do a portrait session for your cat, I come to your home, where your cat is at ease. I can photograph your cat in the comfort of your home, in its favourite spot; on your couch or a nice chair or stool; or in your garden with a backdrop of your favourite plants or flowers. If there’s a good spot to use, we can work with it. But if there’s not a good spot to get a nice picture, or you want a ‘studio style’ photograph…

Studio Style Portraits

I can set up my continuous lights (not flashes, which can hurt your cats eyes, startling and upsetting it) and put up one of my portable backdrops. All I need is a space and power for my lights, and then a bit of time to really engage with your cat so we get really nice pictures.

Cat @ Home or Studio Style portraits: some samples

The slideshow above contains a selection of studio style shots on a black background, and ‘environmental shots’. Most pet portraits have the background deliberately blurred, and often the cat’s body too so you’re eyes are really drawn to the face. If however the setting is important, I can keep that more sharply in focus, along with more of your cat, and let the background (rather than immediate surrounds) blur so your eyes call on the cat in its setting.

Don’t forget the competitions!

find out how you can win prizes from Four Foot Fotos here!

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