WIN PRIZES from Four Foot Fotos, Ballarat



Would you like to win a FREE Four Foot Fotos Ballarat pet photography Puppy Portrait shoot?

It’s possible if you enter one of my competitions!


How about a $50 or $100 Four Foot Fotos voucher?

Four Foot Fotos $50 Voucher (SAMPLE)

The voucher can be used for a photo shoot or toward extra prints from a photo shoot you’ve already done.

Or a free Four Foot Fotos poster?

I’ll be running regular competitions with one of my beautiful poster prints as a prize. So you don’t even have to be in Ballarat for this one – any one living in Victoria can apply!

Please note: the vouchers are valid for the posters only; postage is chargeable if required

About the Pet Photography Competitions

Running the competitions really is a fun thing, and I find people really love to win the photo shoots and vouchers. I really enjoy the interaction and excitement of the entrants; and the delight of those who win a prize, and I get to know more people; especially in the Ballarat area where I base my pet photography service.

My contests are normally run at least each quarter; so keep an eye out! You never know what you’ll win! So have a go.

You can watch my social media pages for details, but coming to ‘the source’ is the best move because you get to see some wonderful photos of pets from other entrants and can comment on the photos; plus you may just see a contest start before I publish it on social media!

You can see the contests in the sub menu of this page; but here’s the first few I’ve run in Ballarat:

Cute Face Contest (early 2017)

Here’s a few of the winners from this contest:

  • Ebony’s Nelly
  • Makaela’s Gidget

Nelly is shot against the flowers in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens; whilst Gidget is set against a grassy rise with scrub behind her, also in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Nelly looks just so gorgeous, and Gidget has a winning smile!

Funny Looks Contest (for dogs and cats), Autumn 2017

This contest is being launched at the time of writing, and I expect we’ll have lots of entries pouring in soon! So get your entry in 🙂

Connect using Facebook or Google logins here to enter my competitions, with great prizes up for grabs 🙂

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