As a professional photographer, I’m often engaged in shooting events, corporate head-shots or portraits, or maybe fashion. The point is; these are all because a client asks for them. As an artist, I devote some time to landscape, nature and macro (close up) photography. I’m blessed that I get really good feedback on my photographs, and they often win recognition in international photo communities / galleries such as ViewBug.

I sell prints of a number of my artistic photography images. Shots like the sunset and silhouettes that are on this site’s Welcome page. 

Any not take a moment to escape the day and relax: have a look at some of my images and even leave comment on them for me. 

If you works like to make that moment of escape last, purchase some of my beautiful artwork for your home, office or public building or place. If something captures your imagination when you see it here on my web site, then having the artwork on your wall will give you moments of ongoing enjoyment and escape.

General Images :

Lake Wendouree Golden Hour :

‘Miracles of Mercy & Grace’ images from the book of poetry due out soon internationally.