Garden Art from an Old Fart: ‘Old Man Emu’

<click on the image to see the full size version>

Graham from Old Fart Garden Art is a consummate craftsman; working blocks of lifeless metal into unique sculptures.

Graham cleaned a rental house I recently moved out of. We got on well, and had a nice chat. A while later he calls me and asks my help as a photographer.

“I’ve tried to photograph some metal art I’ve done that I want in an Australian Metal Art competition; but I just can’t get a decent shot! Can you help?”.

What kind of questions is that? I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

So a few days later Graham comes over; one day before this image has to be on a Facebook Page; carrying his crowning creation, which I named ‘Old Man Emu’. It’s a beautiful piece of work. As an artistic person myself, it’s my honest opinion, we may be seeing the genesis of something really significant in Graham’s artistic career. I told him “I know you’ve got offers, but for goodness sake, don’t sell it for less than! This may be the first of some significant works based on what I’m seeing”. And I was quite serious.

I got the image photographed whilst he was in my temporary studio (we just moved house); but treated it after he left. I got a good reaction when he received the email containing it:

“That is totally awesome.  Thanks so much.  I am going to post this around the world.  Lol. I’m so impressed.  It looks better than in real life!”

I’m glad you like it Graham 🙂