Gove Cycles and Bike Rack Cafe

Steve shoot Give cycles and Bike Rack Cafe when having coffee there today

Steve shot Gove Cycles and Bike Rack Cafe when having coffee there today

What a great little shop! I had coffee there this morning because it was handy for a business meeting. When we needed to reconvene this afternoon, we choose to go back to the same place. It’s got a great atmosphere. It’s very eclectic, and the mix of bike gear amongst the cafe is really cool. It’s friendly, and the coffee is good. A nice place for bicycle riders and Cafe Cruisers alike ; and if you’re both, it’s heaven!

From a photography perspective, this kind of eclectic place is interesting to the eye. This photo was taken without any lighting, but if I get the chance to shoot it commercially, I’ll take several speedlights with me to really light up the pace and “make it pop!”.

Architectural shoots that offer a wide view are prime candidates for panoramas too, because the field of view extends so far horizontally. Certainly a wider angle lens can be used (this was 24mm on a full frame Pentax K1 camera), such as a 14mm, but whilst it’s a nice look, it does distort the lines near the edges of the frame. Using a 35mm (natural view on a full frame camera) lens and deliberately shooting for a panorama, then stitching the images together gives a much wider image that’s far less distorted. Sure, it’s more work, but doing this really well often are!

A panoramic shot of Zushi Sushi on the Gold Coast, by Steve Barnes