Miracles of Mercy and Grace

The images in this post are inspired by the inspirational book of poetry “Miracles of Mercy & Grace” by Jean Barnes. This beautiful book features my photography, and is available through many book sellers in Australia. (see below the pictures). 

A “Miracles is Mercy and Grace” poster, framed and hung on a wall, looking really nice.

As of the book launch date (Saturday November 26th, 2016), I have released a number of artworks, comprising an image tastefully overlaid an excerpt from the related poem.

You can order prints online at my ViewBug account. I have linked the images below to the ViewBug page:

Poster.prev saviour-imgp0793-svg Poster.prev. sunrise-security-k1sb0608 Poster.prev redemption-music-imgp4299-svg Poster.prev peacei-believe-blackbottom-svg Poster.prev my-hiding-place-svg Poster.prev miracles-15103032223_89187ed160_o-svg Poster.prev gods-promise-imgp5379-svg Poster.prev finishing-touches-imgp1155-b-svg Poster.prev child-like-faith-imgp4237-svg Poster.prev back-page-colors-of-my-life-imgp1123-svg Poster.prev abba-father-svg

Locally produced prints are available in Australia on high quality lustre photo stock:

  1. A4 size $35 plus postage
  2. A3 size $45 plus postage

Please contact me if you have a volume order to sort out special pricing and delivery.


Getting the Book

If you would like multiple copies of the book, book catalog details details from the publisher are below. Please click on the image to enlarge it.


If you would like a single copy, you can easily find a book seller by typing “brolga publishing miracles of mercy grace” into Google or another search engine.

Getting your copy of “Miracles of Mercy & Grace” locally 

Now “Miracles of Mercy & Grace” has been formally launched, is available through all the normal distribution channels. 

Look for “Miracles of Mercy & Grace” in your local bookstore. This is what it looks like. 

It’s a wonderful compendium of poems written over many years, accompanied by selected photographs from my own image gallery, and it’s a great Christmas present! 

If you would like a copy of this lovely book, please check your local book seller. If they don’t have it, ordering details are on this web site. If that doesn’t bear fruit, please call me on 0423 311 839 and we’ll get something happening ASAP! 

Contact me regarding a volume order of artwork

I have good volume discounts available for volume orders, so please contact me to enquire about obtaining posters for your shop, church or other organisation.