Nelly’s been framed!


Nelly is really quite a gorgeous girl, and I wrote about her a few weeks ago when I photographed her.

I had the privilege an hour ago of delivering her portraits to her ‘mum’, Ebony (minus the large watermark you see here). I had mounted the prints on white board*, leaving a 5cm border so it could be used for framing. It turns out these prints look beautiful on white. Nelly’s lighter colour fits with the white border really well.

Ebony loves the artwork, which is great. It’s the tail end of my work, I know, but it’s a great feeling when I deliver artwork and the customer says “it’s beautiful”, “I love it” or “oh wow”.  So my best days are the one I do the shoot, and the day I deliver the artwork. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo from Ebony of the artwork on the wall when it’s been framed.

* I use acid free foam-board, which is ‘archival quality’, meaning it won’t leech into the prints or stick to them. ‘Archival Quality’ pretty much means it’s museum quality. Leaving a 5cm border means it’s good for framing too. The A4 size is small enough that it can normally be left without a frame, but A3+ is large enough that a frame is required to stabilise it.