Photographing in Ballarat & Surrounds

I was chatting to a marketing guy a earlier today, and he asked me where would I go for work. My answer was prepared on value. If you have a reasonable sized job and you think I’m the right photographer for you, I’m willing to travel outside Ballarat. It’s a two way values proposition. If I can help you get the kind of images you want because of my artistic approach to and technical knowledge of photography than we’ve got a great match. Of course I’m not in for traveling an hour for a quick portrait, but if you would like a corporate event, a social occasion or a wedding photographed is all doable. I’ve traveled and stayed in accommodation overnight in order to service clients well before and will do it again for you. Population can get a bit sparse, and good photographers hard to come by in country Victoria, but I’m your guy if you want great photos of your event, and I’m willing to travel a bit from Ballarat.

Please call me on 0423 311 839