Post-digital artwork 

Every country has something of natural beauty to marvel at. We’re blessed that Australia has some remarkable scenery for us to enjoy. Having really evocative artwork in your home can transport your mind to scenes of natural wonder. My job is to know where, how and when to capture scenes of amazing beauty that will provide you with endless enjoyment over the years. My aim is to give you repeated “oh wow” moments over the years as you look again at your artwork in different lights, from differing angles and in different moods.

Every landscape photograph, every nature shot, every flower that makes it to publication is the result of endless practice and is the best of not just a few, but probably many tens of photos with intricate variances in zoom, composition, aperture and focal point; all in a quest for the best possible artistic interpretation of the subject. A small number of candidates are then ‘developed’ from RAW format (in a way, equivalent to developing film) with artistic interpretation in mind as I do; and a final image or small set of images is arrived at for more intensive treatment to produce the final artwork.

Not all artistic photo shoots provide images I’m happy to put my name to on my limited art collection. There may be challenges with wind and movement; fickle lighting conditions or even small flaws in the subject matter that in the end excludes it. The images that make it through often have hours spent on them, finessing changes in exposure, colour balance & saturation and enhancing them by sharpening or gently blurring specific areas. That’s not to say ‘photoshopping’ any image will make it a good one. Getting a great piece of photographic artwork has always started with exceptional photography. In this respect, nothing has changed in generations.

The ability for the average person to buy a good standard of digital SLR camera and announce “I’m a photographer!” is increasingly prevalent, and we’ll no doubt see a blossom in the number of new photographers in the new year after a Christmas shopping spree.

But a tool doesn’t make the tradesman; nor a camera a photographic artist. It is but an instrument in the artist’s hands. If the artist uses it knowledgeably and insightfully; if he or she has artistic vision of the end product and patience to see the process through, then there’s a good chance some of the artist’s work will be of a standard that draws admiration from viewers.

It’s been my pleasure to have a number of my images published by people other than myself. A man sleeping on a motor bike in Singapore used in a German travel publication; a parrot used for two works of a children’s educational book in Hong Kong. A cave with waterfall spilling from a hole in the roof in the Gold Coast hinterland has been used multiple times.

What gives me the greatest pleasure though, is seeing the images through to publication as consumer artwork myself. I have control of the overall process, and I’m proud of the quality and emotional impact of the images I select from thousands for this purpose.

I hope you too well find pleasure in viewing my images on this web site; but there’s nothing like having a high quality artistic print in your hands that you can make part of your home or office. The modern age has brought much to us as far as imagery is concerned, but nothing compares to the beauty, depth and color of a fine art print on your wall. You have the opportunity to experience this enjoyment when you purchase one of my photographic art images.

Note: Printing arrangements vary by country in order to provide good quality at the most affordable price. If you’re country is not listed, please contact me and we’ll arrange something for you.