Thunderstorms – better look up!

Better look up! Pets do get worried during thunderstorms.

Better look up! Pets do get worried during thunderstorms.

Wasn’t it a huge storm last night! Water everywhere, electricity outages and trees coming down. And of course there were lots of warning notices among dog groups and dog lovers on social media. “Keep your dog inside”, “be prepared to comfort your pets”and so on. Whilst we can learn about what’s coming, they get no formal notification; although many animals do detect changes in the weather! It’s small wonder they get a little apprehensive about the change in barometric pressure, rising wind and gloomy and flickering light. And whilst we know what’s happened when all of a sudden our TV and computer goes off and the lights go out, they have no clue as to the cause. One moment is all normal household light and noise. The next: nothing!

Times like these often make us stop and think how much we love our pets. I don’t know about your family, but ours and many I’ve talked to find their dogs on their laps, seeking comfort, as a thunderstorm hits. There’s often a lot of cuddling and reassurance goes on. This photo wasn’t taken in a thunderstorm, but it came to mind when I thought of this post.  If you’ve seen me work with individual pets, you’ll know I have a bag full of tricks to get their attention as I try to generate fun and interesting expressions that characterise the dog. This one will always stick in my mind!

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