Value Added Services

Value Added services include things like weddings, where I as the photographer add value to the photo shoot by:

  1. Having a planning session with you to understand what you’re looking for and to chat about options
  2. Developing the RAW files into JPGs after the photo shoot
  3. ‘Photoshopping’ (post-processing) the images in some situations to optimise their appearance. This may for example involve removing a few obvious skin blemishes and perhaps smoothing the complexion a bit.
  4. Delivery in various sizes and media, often involving photo albums (especially for weddings!), framing, supplying gifts such as bed spreads, place mats or mugs with a chosen image on them

There are several forms in which a ‘Value Add’ takes shape. If you’re looking for something special for your own use or as a gift, just call me and we”ll get things in motion.