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What is Visual Strategy?

Visual Strategy is the foundation you need to get high impact, attention retaining images in front of your customers.

If you don’t have a Marketing Strategy, with Visual Identity or Visual Strategy, I’d recommend you have a session with me before proceeding with your website. If you don’t have this covered, you’re in danger of being relegated to the ranks of “just didn’t work” web sites and social media.

What can you expect from my Visual Identity and Visual Strategy services?

  1. Confirmation your existing Visual Identity (logo, colours, fonts, “style guide” and templates) reflect your business strategy and marketing strategy properly by aligning with your value proposition for your target demographics.
    If that’s a lot of words, it’s OK, I lead you through it!
    N.B: If you don’t have this under control, we can work on it together

  2. Development of visual themes for your business as a whole; and for marketing campaigns in particular. These then act as a brief, or input, to professional photography so the images really support the way you’ve strategically planned to relate to your clients in the non-verbal, emotional realm.

How do you get started?

  1. Gather any business documentation you have like Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Visual Identity (see above) and marketing campaign plans and outcomes
  2. Contact me and tell me briefly what you have, so we know where to start
  3. We’ll then set up a time to meet and have coffee. The FIRST 30 MINUTES are FREE! If I’m not 100% certain I can help you, I’ll let you know at the end of these 30 minutes 🙂

So bookmark this page, write down my mobile number, and get your stuff together 🙂 Then call me on 0423 311 839!

Is your website looking ugly?

If the answer is ‘yes’, I can help you do a ‘visual refresh’ of your site. Many people have good content (wording) in their sites; they just don’t know how to make them look good! Let me help you to preserve the hard work you’ve put in instead of throwing it away like many web designers do; and we’ll give it the gloss and imagery it needs to generate a strong visual impact on your customers-to-be.

Yours in visual excellence!
Steve Barnes

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