Wedding photography

My forte is creative, relaxed and relational photography. I do weddings, portraits and fashion; as well as commercial work like head shots, events, products, architecture and virtual tours.

What I love most about my wedding photography work is being creative with the people I get to know. I love their stories, the way they see the world and their individual vision for their special day.

I spend time with the couple developing a theme, a story board and time line so things run smoothly. We also look at images together and see what it is about them that is attractive, including the poses, intimacy, environment or backgrounds, lighting and general mood. The aim is to get a real connection between the wedding couple and the photographer so on the big day I know exactly what to do. We want shots that aren’t just technically amazing, but ones that you really love too!

If you want a photographer that will make the effort to understand you and produce something you think is really beautiful, I’d love to be part of your wedding plans.

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