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I’m a relationship oriented person. It’s important to me that I like and trust other professionals I work with. Having moved from Brisbane to Ballarat in September 2016, the list of people I feel comfortable recommending is relatively small, but still important to me; and if I can add value to your search for the right people for your wedding, special event or corporate occasion, them I’m very pleased to do so.

I should mention by the way that I myself am an ex-disc jockey, trained in voice production by a well known Melbourne news reader back in the early 1980s. I have done video interviews, voice overs and have been M.C. at a number of events. I’ve also written a lot. These abilities occasionally mix in with my photography. For example, the ability to strategize, script and conduct a video interview to compliment photography for web sites or media releases comes in handy when a client needs to pull a larger media project together. So please, just ask me. I do enjoy the variety and using these talents.

With that said, I should introduce the following people, which list will grow over time. Please let them know I have you their details should you contact them; not for financial gain, but for the sense of community and appreciation it builds.


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