• World Wide Whippet Walk 2017 @ Ballarat
  • World Wide Whippet Walk 2017 @ Ballarat

We had our 2017 World Wide Whippet Walk at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia today. Four Foot Fotos Ballarat was the official photographer. I got some lovely shots. and a few of the group ones will hopefully hit the local newspaper.

The whippet is a lovely, affectionate dog. They run at amazing speed, but only in quick bursts; the rest of the time they are often couch potatoes, and are often really cuddly! I speak from experience as a pet photographer – whippets will be on my knee as fast as any dog or more so!

It was a great day, and lots of fun for everyone. If your dog is in these photos, please register and comment. I’m thinking of making a book for the participants. If enough owners would like one, we’ll get names of owners and dogs, plus a little to say about each one. It will make a lovely momento as a coffee table book. You can also ‘claim your whippet’ at my Four Foot Fotos ‘World Wide Whippet Walk 2017 – Ballarat’  album.