The Ballarat Viral Times Family Photos is happening!

Families are getting inventive about the way they are living in social isolation

now until
FRIDAY 9th MAY 2020

you've missed out on the free sessions, but don't despair, it's now only $30!

Families are getting inventive about the way they are living in social isolation due to Corona Virus (COVID-19). Although Ballarat is largely locked down, there’s still a community spirit here. “The Ballarat Viral Times” is my blog recording family portraits out the front of their houses, showing what they are doing. In many cases, there is some video footage to accompany the photograph. You can ask for your photo to be taken for just $50 and you’ll get an appointment time for a five to ten minute photo session.


So What Are You Doing With Your Family?

playing with pets
dress ups
historical costumery
working on a classic car

When Does My Portrait Happen?

When you call or send my form (below), I’ll allocate a time-window I’ll come by for your portrait, much like a lot of tradies do 🙂 

So if you book in for a Thursday in the 2pm to 4pm time-window, I’ll call you before I photograph the previous customer, giving you 15 to 20 minutes to be ready.

How Does My Portrait Happen?

When I arrive, it’s CONTACT; CHAT; CHECK & CLICK!

  • I’ll confirm your CONTACT details: making sure I’ve got your name, phone number and email right
  • CHAT about what you’re doing to (survive and) pass the time, which will go in this Ballarat Viral Times Family Photo BLOG
  • CHECK names etc. to publish with the photo
  • CLICK: I’ll take your photograph. I’ll coach you briefly to make sure we get the best possible image; making sure the People, Pets and Paraphernalia all go together nicely!

Book in for your Family Portrait now!

Book in for your Family Portrait and show Ballarat what you’re doing. You’ll get a 1200 pixel digital photograph you can use as wallpaper of for prints, and we’ll blog a copy with our “Ballarat Viral Times” by Steve Barnes Photography watermark so you can share with friends in Ballarat and all over the world!

Please note, this activity was approved by the Ballarat Police on Thursday 9th April 2020, so there’s no problem with me rolling up in my car and taking your photograph as long as we maintain ‘social distancing’.

Get a memory for your family to pass down !

Memories are precious; and more so when an event or season doesn’t last long. How will you explain to your children or grandchildren what times were like during the COVID-19 lock-down?

  • Your family photo will be a fabulous memory for the family to look back on
  • And you’ll have your photograph published in this Ballarat Viral Times Family Photo blog, with a brief description of how your family is spending time

Both the digital photo you’ll get and the blog will be precious memories, and the blog will be a real community asset; sort of like a time capsule. 

Take your opportunity now.  Life is too short to miss out on this, and the time may be opportunity within just a few weeks!

I'd like a callback to book my Viral Times Family Portrait please

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

Principal photographer at Steve Barnes Photography; Principal Consultant at Ballarat Business Media and (just for fun) owner/photographer at Four Foot Fotos!

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