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You'll be happy you chose Ballarat's Premiere Dog Photographer because YOUR DOG DESERVES THE BEST!

At Four Foot Fotos, we specialise in dog photography.  We’ve photographed hundreds of dogs and have been celebrity pet photographers at the special screening of Red Dog at Eat Street Markets in Brisbane. We’ve also done several guest appearances at Eat Street Markets with Oz Dogz before moving to Ballarat in late 2016.

Our wide experience has taught us how to get the very best from your dog/s to make sure we capture their true character and the special relationship between you.


Hope to see you soon.
Steve Barnes

Four Foot Fotos is Ballarat's premiere pet photography studio

Four Foot Fotos is Ballarat’s premiere dog photographer; and cat photographer too. We take real pride in producing photographic art that pet owners really love!

Outstanding Photographic Artwork of your beautiful dog

Our passion is creating outstanding photographic artwork of pets. Most of our work is with dogs, with perhaps 5% cats and very occasional birds, lizards or other pets.

Emotionally Significant Artwork

It’s great to have nice pictures of your pets, but if they don’t mean something to you; if they lack the emotional connection, I’ve missed the mark! I know we need to reach deep down creatively, and discern the deep emotional attachment you have for your pets. That means I ask you what’s special about your dog before we even select the setting. I want to know what you value in your dog, and what’s going to be meaningful to you when we hang your artwork on the wall. 


Steve has become our resident Dog Park and Whippet events photographer. His role in faithfully documenting our dogs and producing fabulous images that bring out our dog's personalities is greatly appreciated and loved by so many whose dogs he has so wonderfully captured.
I am yet to meet a dog owner who is disappointed with the outcomes of a photoshoot with Steve.
Steve is also the go to man for images to promote stud animals for serious breeders and show dogs.
A professional image of your dog, taken by Steve, is a work of art and at very affordable price.
Lynette Ludbrooke
November 1st, 2017
Steve took amazing photos of two of our foster dogs, our own dog, and a good mate, as they moved and played at speed, at dusk no less, at a local park. He captured some fabulous moments under some very difficult circumstances. Beautiful work! On behalf of Jade and Shakespeare (the fosters), Pyrenees Animal Rescue and ourselves, we say thankyou very much!
Marion Stolk
December 12, 2017
My beautiful whippet Nelly had some portraits taken of her by Steve. Very happy with how they turned out can't wait to get some more done with my second whippet Ruby
Ebony Henderson
October 30, 2017
"That is a wonderful photograph. You really nailed it... Beautiful light... background is fantastic."
'Bob the Vet'

Four Foot Fotos

1023 Havelock Street, Ballarat North (by appointment)

Phone: 0423 311 839