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We use a special 'lay flat' album that lets us print across the 'double spread'.


Servicing the Ballarat Region, west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"What I love most about my wedding photography work is being creative with the people I get to know. I love their stories, the way they see the world and their individual vision for their special day."

Steve Barnes

How I Operate

Planning The Event

I spend quality time with you developing a theme, a story board and time line so things run smoothly. Part of this is  looking at images together to see what is attractive to you. We’ll consider poses, intimacy, environment, backgrounds, lighting and general mood. We’ll get a real connection and formulate a plan so on the day I know exactly what to do. We want shots that aren’t just technically amazing, but ones that you really love too! I will make the effort to understand you and produce something you think is really beautiful.

The Trust Factor!

I’ve seen enough if event photography that I understand it’s about relationship and trust. If you trust me, you’ll relax and enjoy the day. So that’s my aim -relationship and trust; undergirded by a good plan!

Capturing The Event

My aim is to be semi-invisible to you on the day because it’s not about me – it’s about you. If I do my job well (and I take it seriously), we’ll know each other fairly well, and the plan will be workable enough that you’ll not be worrying about what should be happening next and whether I’ll miss photographing ‘that kiss’ or your favourite aunt when she does her thing.  

Making Memories!

Capturing the right shots works easily if we have a good plan. If I’m aware of what’s important to you, and have a list of mandatory shots in sequence that I need to get; then vetting the images afterwards is a walk in the park! You’ll have lots of beautiful photographs to choose from. 

In general, I recommend:

  1. Some beautiful fine-art style portraits to put on your walls. These come already framed, and I’ll show you the framing options at our Planning Consultation.
  2. A ‘lay flat’ album for the bridal couples’ personal record, which focuses on the couple themselves, the formal proceedings and any outstanding shots that might be significant. 
  3. A magazine styled record of the day; almost like you’d see in a featured magazine article; containing all the social side of the event. It’s a great way to remember and share family and emotional significance with friends and family, and is cheaper to produce several copies than a formal album. It’s a really great way to go!

I have packages available for these and other products that I can discuss with you when we meet,  Apart from that, there are other momentos we can consider if you want to spread the joy, and we can talk about these when you’re ready.

"I'd really love to meet with you; to get to know you and your plans for your wedding. It's a provilege to be part of your special day!"

Steve Barnes
It's important to me that you are able to relax and enjoy your wedding.

You don't need a photographer who's in your way, being demanding or spoiling your day.

You need someone who can help you relax and enjoy the day. Some one who's mature and skilful enough to capture not only the planned shots, but special moments along the way.
There's something missed by photographers who are driven only by their agenda:


My aim is to capture the essentials, but watch for, nurture and capture intimate moments along the way.

Experience tells me that some of your favourite images will come from the intimate moments I capture
Your wedding is special. It's a wonderful time to enjoy your big day!

I'll be by your side, and will help you to have fun and make the best of moments along the way

The Timeline in Ten Easy Steps!

1. First Meeting

We meet so you can get to know me and how I interact with you. You get to see some of my work and ask about packages and prices. 

2. Make Your Booking

It’s a good idea to book me as soon a you know I’m your guy! Just call to advise you’d like me to be your photographer and confirm the package and options you want.

The deposit is 25% of the total selected package and options. I’ll give you bank payment options for cash, bank transfer or credit card. Please understand the deposit is non-refundable because I’ve committed my time to your wedding plans, and there’s no guarantee I’ll get another booking.

I’ll also create a contract with full details of the services and products you’ve selected; the venues, dates and time allocations. You sign two copies of the contract: one for me and one for you.

3. Planning Consultation

Now’s the time to plan for a great wedding shoot! I’ll meet with you in your home or at a convenient cafe.

  1. You’ll tell me about the wedding: about your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The Matron of Honour and Best Man are important people and you can tell me about them and their role in planning and for the big day.
  2. I’ll show you a number of wedding poses on my tablet to give you ideas, and you can provide feedback about how you’ll want to be captured
  3. We’ll note the formal shots you need: pics with mum & dad; with the wedding crew; with aunties, uncles and cousins; even with pets!
  4. You’ll provide me with a timeline for proceedings and photographs, plus a mini-map of your locations and how we’ll use them.
  5. By the time we’re finished the one hour session, I’ll know what I’ve got to do; the progression and who’s involved; and the style of photography you’re after to make a beautiful record of your wedding!

After this session, I’ll visit any venues I’m not familiar with (via the Internet if the venues are a distance from Ballarat), to make sure I have the measure of the environment I’ll be in for your wedding.

4. Final Payment

Final payment is due at least a  week out form your wedding.

5. Last Minute catchup!

There’s always value in having a quick catch-up before the wedding day. If you have a local wedding rehearsal, I can attend it and have a quick chat afterwards to get any last minute instructions. Otherwise we can meet at another workable time in the week before the wedding. This session is really to catch up on any last minute developments or changes, to get any last instructions and to get a little face-to-face for your comfort.

6. Wedding Day

It’s on, and I’ll be there for you.  I’ll be as invisible or in your face as you have instructed, and I’ll work to the schedule and list of shots we’ve worked out; but I’ll also look for intimate moments to capture along the way.

By the way: I’ll have a backup camera in case it’s needed and some lights in case I need them to get good shots. 

7. The Reveal!

This is where you get to see the photos for the first time! I’ll have culled them and treated them for exposure, contrast and colour balance.

You’ll look through them on my tablet using software that helps you rate them and note the ones you really love. Then you’ll select the shots you want for your wedding album, magazine and wall art (depending on your package and options). 

8. Watermarked Images for Sharing!

After your Reveal Session, I’ll share small sized watermarked images with you via email. I’ll also publish them on my social media pages (including Facebook) so you can share them with friends and family.

If you didn’t manage to complete your image selection in the Reveal Session, you can take your time to do it with the watermarked images I email you; noting the image numbers you like and where you want them. 

9. Album Design Presentation

I’ll provide you with the design of your album, magazine and other products, based on the images you selected for me. I normally meet with you if you;re in Ballarat, but we can just do this by email. Either way, you get to double check and give me one round of changes. I’ll then go and alter the design and again email the design for you to confirm. 

10. Delivery Day!!!

This a a big day! You’re eventually receiving your wedding album, magazine etc. (depending on the package and options). It’s a time of delight as you get to look at it all together.

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Steve Barnes
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