Steve Barnes Photography releases Huon Valley postcards

30th November 2022: I have spent the past six months assembling a great set of images of the Huon valley, aiming at both classic tourist shots and quirky images locals will relate to. Selected postcards will be available shortly in tourist attractions, cafes, hospitality venues and other retailers throughout Huon Valley, and many will have information about the photograph on the back. See the gallery below for samples of postcards. Note: postcards are available to retailers only – we will list retailers on our website and social media. Please share this information with businesses in Huon Valley.

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Huon Valley wall-art

High quality wall-art in various sizes is now available and makes a wonderful gift. Please contact me on 0483 891 835 to arrange purchase of artwork.

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I'm good at events. I enjoy people and their interaction. I look to capture candid, special moments as well as planned shots.
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Huon Valley
I have released postcards and wall art for the Huon Valley
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Amazing photographic landscape prints

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My passion is to create beautiful artwork that will hang in people’s homes; both because I see something I want to capture and print; or because someone has a definite need like a personal portrait or wedding.

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My approach to any kind of portraiture, be it personal or corporate portraits; public events or weddings; is to look for the personality and character and draw it out. I want people to say “Wow, that’s really you! What an awesome photo!” when they see a portrait. 

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Landscape and floral photography is a real love affair for me. I’m always looking deeply at scenery, looking for a story to tell, wanting the scene to speak to me as if to say “Wait another hour” or “Look at me from over here”. I really soak when I’m doing this kind of photography, and I’m privileged to have my work hanging in people’s homes. 

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