Book in for your Furry Foto portrait @ Ballarat International Foto Biennale!

Four Foot Fotos (Ballarat) is proud to have been invited by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale to do special portrait sessions in our portable studio. This even is now finished, and was held in September 2019. 


Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Print prices for photographs taken at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale :

  • $120 for an A3
  • $75 for an A4
  • $50 for an A5

‘Ready to Frame’

‘Ready to Frame’ delivery is available for A3 at $25 and A4 at $15. This means the print is mounted on a matt black surround mat, with a backing mat and then wrapped in archival quality plastic. A5 is unfortunately not available as ‘Ready to Frame’.

‘Ready to Frame’ is very convenient option, and fits into off the shelf frames. It also makes the process of preparing the print as a gift much easier!

Missed out? Get a Four Foot Fotos Package
The photo opportunity at the Biennale is however more limited than a full portrait session. When at your home for the StarDog! package, I socialise with your pets to relax them as I set up; and then often spend over an hour doing the photography. I also bring a larger range of props. I then put a few hours into selecting the best photos and professionally treating them – the Biennale photos will be treated, but won’t have this extra attention. I then visit you (in Huon Valley) to show you the short list, and help you select the image for the package print plus any extra prints you’d like to buy. In that process, I can assist you in considering your decor, wall space and how you can arrange and frame photos.

Please call me on 0423 311 839 of yours like to chat, or just message me via my Facebook page at

You can see my packages at…/photography-packages/.

Steve Barnes
Four Foot Fotos