Remembering Sunshine

Remembering Sunshine

‘Remembering Sunshine’ harks back to St George’s Lake in Western Victoria, Australia; near Creswick. It was taken in the ‘Golden Hour’ late in the afternoon when the landscape glows. Good photo processing always helps to bring out the best in this kind of image. Exposure, contrast, saturation in the shadows, mid tones and highlights, sharpening or softening – these all make a difference.

There’s no way to not get a nice photo in a landscape like this if you understand light and colour. Having a good camera really helps of course! Mind you, this image was taken on my Xiaomi Rednote 4 phone! So get out there and try to get some nice phone shots yourself; and share them with me on my Facebook page at

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Steve Barnes

Principal photographer at Steve Barnes Photography; Principal Consultant at Ballarat Business Media and (just for fun) owner/photographer at Four Foot Fotos!

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