Fine Art Prints from your portrait session

Fine-art prints are beautiful. The detail is amazing, and the appearance of the paper is positively lustrous. I take great pride in the standard of print, the paper I use and the way I present the end product.  I use SIHL Masterclass papers in ‘lustre’ grade. The colour is amazing and there’s a beautiful softness to the whites, whilst still retaining incredible detail. ‘Ready to frame’ kits give you a backing board, black surround matt and archival grade plastic film storage wrapper. I mount the print to the surround matt so it’s all ready to pop straight into a frame (not provided). Ready To Frame kits are not currently available for all print sizes, but hey, I’m working on it 🙂

NOTE: Off the shelf frames are normally readily available for A3, A4, A3 in ready to frame, A4 in ready to frame and A5 in ready to frame. A3+ frames are normally available online, and other sizes may require a custom frame. As Four Foot Fotos grows, I hope to source more Ready To Frame kit sizes and secure a range of frames to suit. That’s the plan!

NOTE: These prints are exclusive of postal packaging and postage fee. If you would like a print posted, we can arrange it for you at a cost. Please call me on 0483 891 835 to arrange this.

Picture of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

Principal photographer at Steve Barnes Photography; Principal Consultant at Ballarat Business Media and (just for fun) owner/photographer at Four Foot Fotos!