“Chick Flicks” or “What came first: The Chicken or The Dog?”

Now that’s a good question! What did came first: the chicken or the dog? In this case it was the dog! We did the Collies’ Christmas portrait and photo shoot; and then once finished Angela reminded me her mum is an accomplished chicken breeder and she grabbed a few for a “Quick Chic Pic” before I packed up my gear, It was fun.

You’ll see more photographs from this beautiful portrait shoot coming out soon!

By the way; this shoot was done in a family home. The alfresco area was ideal, being a large tiled area that is totally built in. I brought my biggest backdrop (3 metres wide) and we turned it into a farmyard studio (Yee-Hah!). Thanks to Angela for all the trouble she went to to make her Christmas Portrait such a success. 

Picture of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

Principal photographer at Steve Barnes Photography; Principal Consultant at Ballarat Business Media and (just for fun) owner/photographer at Four Foot Fotos!

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