Furry Fotos: Axel & Bonnie – The Comedians!

There's always going to be a funny dog 🙂

Luke & Erin came in with Axel & Bonnie for Furry Fotos on 22nd February. The dogs were immediately funny!  

Here's what they said about their portrait shoot...

I asked Erin what the dogs are like and what they mean to them. She said…

“We’ve had Axel & Bonnie since 6 weeks old and they’re our babies. They always get tucked in at night and always come first in everything. Axle should be the poster boy for ‘man’s best friend’ because he just seems to know how ur feeling and when u need a cuddle or to be left alone. Bonnie on the other hand is the snuggle pot, she has to always be right next to u, she even climbs into bed of a night.

In conclusion they’re our whole world and I even have their pictures in a locket around my neck. Our fur babies!”

These dogs are obviously very important to Luke & Erin. She’s already asked for a viewing of the full set of images so they can choose prints. It will be really nice to visit next week and help her to choose the images and sizes. They actually got photos with one of their mums too (may as well!); so there’s opportunity to make a full on family portrait wall.

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My thanks to Bridge Mall Ballarat for connecting with Fiona Sweet at the Foto Biennale to get this off the ground. You can book at https://ballaratfoto.org/furry-fotos/ for just $50, and it’s a great fun family treat having the portrait taken. I have a selection of portraits on display in the windows so customers can see the beautiful detail and colour in my prints, which use a gorgeous European paper called SIHL Masterclass. Go on, book now! #BIFB #fourfootfotos

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