Furry Fotos: Donald The Collie

What a Ring-in!

Donald came for a Furry Fotos  photo shoot as a ring-in! What a great coincidence a friend accidentally over-booked 🙂 SWEET!!!  Shot on on 21st February.

Collies are pretty much people persons, but love to explore the environment too. Donald was no exception to this, but his owner kept him coming back to position. He sat, he laid, he rolled over. he was quite animated at stages. The shot I’ll always favour is when he rolled over right at the front of the backdrop and grinned at me. Cheeky fellow!!! 

Still, what’s a guy going to do but press the shutter anyway. The photograph is pure delight; even if he’s half way off the backdrop!!! If the owner would like this photo as a print, I’ll consider putting it out to an editing specialist to ‘extend the backdrop’, making it look like I planned it to be in the first place.

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My thanks to Bridge Mall Ballarat for connecting with Fiona Sweet at the Foto Biennale to get this off the ground. You can book at https://ballaratfoto.org/furry-fotos/ for just $50, and it’s a great fun family treat having the portrait taken. I have a selection of portraits in display in the windows so customers can see the beautiful detail and colour in my prints, which use a gorgeous European paper called SIHL Masterclass. Go on, book now! #BIFB #fourfootfotos

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Steve Barnes

Principal photographer at Steve Barnes Photography; Principal Consultant at Ballarat Business Media and (just for fun) owner/photographer at Four Foot Fotos!

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