Furry Fotos: Toby & Chester; the very spoilt Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

Spaniels are always, always friendly!

In come Toby & Chester with mum, Colleen for Furry Fotos on 22 Feb, and they were immediately at home. Spaniels are people people; especially Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!! Toby is a one year old tri-colour, and he had a bit of energy. Colleen tried getting him to jump up for the camera. You can see a photograph here of his hair going everywhere! Chester is a four year old ruby. He’s a bit more retiring (no, don’t go to sleep on the backdrop Chester!). There’s character in the face of a spaniel, and these two are no exception. 

You may notice some marks on the backdrop as it comes from vertical to the floor. It depends on the dog, but wet ears are a great way to spread water after a drink! I’ll be removing some of the spots for Colleen when she chooses her two digital images, and certainly will do the same for any prints she orders.

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My thanks to Bridge Mall Ballarat for connecting with Fiona Sweet at the Foto Biennale to get this off the ground. You can book at https://ballaratfoto.org/furry-fotos/ for just $50, and it’s a great fun family treat having the portrait taken. I have a selection of portraits on display in the windows so customers can see the beautiful detail and colour in my prints, which use a gorgeous European paper called SIHL Masterclass. Go on, book now! #BIFB #fourfootfotos

these images are loaded for speed; please click on an image to see a sharp copy

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