New 20/20 Packages = starting with “20/20 High Fidelity”

2020 is here, and Four Foot Fotos is releasing a great new set of packages!
We’ve listened to our customers, who want:
1. more description in the packages on our website
2. A better gallery of images from this kind of portrait
3. The option to choose a larger print at ordering time
4. the flexibility to select a print size with a ‘ready to frame’ kit where it’s available
Our first package for 2020 is “20/20 High Fidelity”. You can see details at Go and have a look. Ask me questions if you have any.
We looked at offering JIGSAWS last year, and are exploring other fun options for our customers for our new packages. Please tell me what you are interested in!
* mugs
* throw rugs
* key rings
* jigsaws
What would you like to have a beautiful pet portrait emblazoned on? 🙂
Our vision is to release more exciting “20/20” packages as soon as we have details pinned down, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our web site.
The feature image is of “Bart”, owned by Eliza, who I photographed at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale last year.
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Steve Barnes

Passionate landscape and seascape photographer, branding consultant, celebrity photographer, videographer, CASA certified drone pilot, post-production expert, radio host, voice-over artist, interviewer, web designer, marketing consultant, Google My Business consultant

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